Dental Focus

High Quality Dental Care at Competitive Rates

State of the art anesthesia and monitoring
Extractions, sealants, and other care performed same day – second anesthesia not required

Dental Cleanings include:
Preanesthetic exam
Anesthetic plan based on individual pet’s medical condition and needs
Preanesthetic relaxation medication 
IV catheter and fluids
Human grade anesthetics, gas anesthesia with intubation (airway protection)
State of the art anesthetic monitoring
Scaling, subgingival cleaning, polish, fluoride and Oravet
Whole mouth dental x-rays
Dental evaluation by veterinarian with personalized dental care plan
Dental charting
Pain relief medication if needed

Our goal at Sherwood Family Pet Clinic is to care for the whole pet, including their teeth. Keeping teeth healthy with appropriately timed cleanings prevents tooth loss and discomfort.  Addressing problems such as broken teeth or teeth with resorptive lesions, relieves pain and prevents complications such as abscessed teeth.  

It is important to clean the teeth before there is excessive tartar, or development of gingivitis which leads to periodontal disease and tooth loss.   However, since safe and proper dental cleaning for pets includes anesthesia, we recommend the timing of dental cleanings be based on the condition of an individual pet’s teeth.   Some pets need cleanings every 6 months; for others, once a year, or less frequently.

We have a variety of options for home dental care and can help you establish a home dental care routine to slow the build-up of tartar.  This won’t replace the need for cleanings, but it can increase the time between cleanings, slow the development of gingivitis, and help save teeth.

Our veterinarians have taken additional dental-related training and are skilled at sealants, extractions and other oral care.  Sometimes, problems with teeth will be found during a routine cleaning.  No need for a second anesthesia at a later time.  At Sherwood Family Pet Clinic, the problem can be corrected during the same anesthesia as the cleaning, saving your pet another visit and saving you money.  

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Why Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings aren’t such a good deal

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Great knowledgeable and caring doctors and staff at Sherwood Pet Clinic. We know we are getting the best care for our pets. Both our dogs have had surgical procedures and done extremely well under the clinics care.

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